Why is cardboard the best material for making packing boxes?

May 11,2022

Every product has its packaging box because businesses need to ensure that products can be well protected, so the production of a packaging box is very key. There are many choices of materials for packaging boxes, including cardboard, metal, glass, ceramics, wood, etc., but which material is the most suitable? Why is cardboard the best material for making packing boxes? Let's look at the advantages of Folding Cardboard Packaging Boxes below.


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Advantages of Folding Cardboard Packaging Boxes


  • Many modeling styles


Cardboard is a kind of material with hard in soft and soft in hard. Its shape can be switched at will. It can be said that it can adapt to commodities of various shapes or sizes. For example, for small jewelry boxes, we can use high-end cardboard, larger refrigerators, air conditioners and other electrical appliances, corrugated cardboard, or clothing packaging, and common heaven and earth cartons for packaging.


  • Good material properties


Ordinary cardboard itself can be made into packaging boxes, and then it can have the characteristics of product packaging through the change of color or shape in its original form. In addition, paperboard can be easily printed, embossed, and other processes. In short, paperboard is a very ideal packaging raw material.


  • Recyclable


Cardboard is a very environmentally friendly material, which belongs to recyclable waste. The cardboard can be closed without special treatment. Now many customers will also prefer Folding Cardboard Packaging Boxes with recyclable materials.


  • Can reduce transportation costs


Cardboard is a material with a relatively small weight, which also shows that if the product uses a Folding Cardboard Packaging Box, the weight of the whole product will not be increased too much, and the lightweight packaging can save transportation fuel, to save cost, and protect the environment. The paperboard can prevent moisture from penetrating the product through the combination of a layer of plastic paper.


  • High-cost performance


In the selection of many packaging materials, paperboard is the most cost-effective. It is suitable for enterprises of any scale. Compared with expensive packaging materials (such as plastic), paperboard is very cheap. Through the production of bulk ordering packaging cartons, a lot of packaging costs can usually be saved.


Type of Folding Cardboard Packaging Box


Some packaging designers will use different types of Folding Cardboard Packaging Boxes to package them according to different types of goods, to highlight the characteristics and style of goods. Generally, there are two kinds of Folding Cardboard Packaging Boxes: special-shaped boxes and standard boxes.


  1. Buckle bottom box


The so-called packaging method of the bottom box is the point of the box, so there is no need to seal and fix objects with adhesives and nails. From the design point of view, the folding of the box itself can intersect with each other to achieve the goal of sealing the box at the bottom of the package.


  1. Zipper paper box


The zipper paper box body is equipped with wavy double-sided adhesive tape, which does not need to be wrapped. Compared with the traditional paper box, it can greatly reduce the time spent on time, and further prevent the outer box packaging from being waterproof, rainproof, and knockproof. It is a high-grade box.


  1. Aircraft box


The shape of the aircraft box is similar to that of an aircraft and is well-known. It belongs to one of the categories of paper boxes. It is the preferred choice for express packaging and delivery. It is made of corrugated paper. An aircraft box is generally made of corrugated paper, which is generally divided into five layers and three layers.


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