MC Garment Label & Packaging & Patches Manufacturer

MC is one of the leading manufacturers of custom clothing labels, product packaging, and clothing patches in China, providing professional custom and wholesale clothing labels, product packaging and clothing patches for fashion brands, including hang tags, woven labels, printing Mark, metal, thank you card, paper card, sticker, copy paper, paper bag, carton, drawstring pocket, zipper bag, cosmetic bag, express bag, PVC patch, leather patch, chenille patch, embroidered stamp, button Wait. Since 2017, we have started to design and manufacture clothing labels, product packaging and patches for fashion brands and outfitters. Such as tags, labels, garment zipper bags, paper bags, cartons, copy paper and chenille stickers, etc. Among them, hang tags, woven labels, zipper bags, paper bags, leather patches and chenille patches are our popular products. You can iron, sew clothes tags on clothes or use patches.
With the development of our business, we began to get involved in other garment accessories fields. Such as buttons, zippers, packaging solutions, and clothing trim. Also, all colors, sizes and styles can be customized. Our products are one-stop solutions covering all kinds of garment accessories and product packaging. So you can choose the style you need from our project case. Additionally, we focus on current hot spots. With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have designed mask boxes and plastic bags to protect masks.
As a clothing label and product packaging manufacturer and supplier, we have strict inspection standards in the production process. Therefore, we must be accountable to our customers. Also, you can customize the label with green material. After 10 years of hard work, we have become a well-known clothing brand in China. We have provided custom products and services for over 500 brands. You can print your company name and logo. Our customers are all over the world. Such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. Our products are popular with many fashion apparel brands.

Company Introduction


MC GARMENT ACCESSORIES is a professional clothing

accessories trading company with 10 years'

experience. We offer different solutions in production

and design to find your perfect match between price

and quality.



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