Features and Uses of Drawstring Bags of Different Materials

September 20,2022

As long as it is a soft fabric, it can be made into the form of a drawstring bag. The common ones are made of cotton, canvas, polyester, etc.


What Materials Are the Drawstring Pockets Made of?

September 03,2022

Drawstring pockets are widely used in daily life. Because it is small and light and easy to carry, so it is often used as a storage must-have.


How to Apply Vinyl Stickers?

August 19,2022

Vinyl stickers are fun things to decorate your windows, cars, laptops, and other sturdy surfaces. So how do you apply vinyl stickers?


Singapore National Day is Coming! Mark these Fireworks Viewing Spots

August 09,2022

Get ready quickly, make an appointment with your friends to watch the fireworks, and celebrate Singapore National Day together.


How to Iron Patches?

August 04,2022

Make a purchase of Patches from China, you can get them at a good price if you have a large quantity. We hope to be your long-term partner.


American Independence Day Celebrations

July 04,2022

The American people always express their happiness in various ways. Independence Day in the United States is as grand as religious and folk festivals. People clean their courtyards, decorate their homes, and fly the national flag before the festival.


How Do Different Canadian Cities Celebrate National Day?

July 01,2022

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Features and Uses of Drawstring Bags of Different Materials

June 30,2022

As long as it is a soft fabric, it can be made into the form of a drawstring bag. The common drawstring bags are mostly made of cotton, canvas, linen, polyester, flannel, non-woven fabrics and other materials. Below we will give you a brief introduction to the characteristics and general uses of drawstring bags of different materials.


Production Points of Zipper Bags with Different Fabrics and Materials

May 16,2022

Different materials, structures, and zipper types have different control points and attention points in the process of production and prenatal design.