Cleaning and Repairing of PVC Makeup Bag

May 16,2022

With the changes of the trend of the times, people began to pay more and more attention to the details of each product from choosing cosmetics to choosing cosmetics packaging bags, and from products to PVC cosmetic bags. There is a variety of cosmetics packaging in the market, such as common cosmetics packaging boxes and cosmetics packaging bags, including paper, plastic, and various others, each with its characteristics.


PVC makeup bag


What should we do with the cosmetic bags? In general, cosmetics are usually packed in cosmetic packaging boxes, and then covered with a packaging handbag. In other styles, cosmetics are directly packed in small PVC zipper bags and handbags, which also look very advanced.


In addition, some printing PVC makeup Bags are generally equipped with zippers. When used as a zipper bag, first of all, the printed pictures of the bag body should conform to the brand culture of cosmetics, and satisfy the hearts of consumers. In terms of the use of a zipper bag, it can effectively preserve cosmetics, prevent moisture and loss, and can be directly placed on the washstand, which is convenient and beautiful.


How should printing PVC makeup Bags be cleaned?


  1. Use detergent. If the printing PVC makeup Bag turns yellow, you can add detergent to warm water, stir it evenly until it bubbles, then soaks the bag in warm water for 30 seconds, gently wipes it with a towel stained with detergent water, then rinse it with warm water, wipe it dry, and hang it in the shade.


  1. Use toothpaste, apply the toothpaste to the printing PVC makeup Bag, dip a little water, then brush the bubble with a toothbrush, and finally rinse and dry in the shade.


  1. Balm, drop balm on the dirty place, and then wipe it with a clean soft cloth (such as glasses cloth), but pay attention to the joint. It is best to clean the whole bag so that there will be no clean and dirty situation.


  1. Lemon juice, squeeze out the juice from the lemon, and then wipe the bag with a towel dipped in a little lemon juice. The acidic substances in the lemon can effectively decontaminate.


How to repair printing PVC makeup Bag’s scratches?


  1. You can also apply a little hand cream or face cream on the scratch, and the effect is also very good.


  1. Where there are scratches on the bag, wipe it back and forth with nail remover, and finally wipe it with a clean soft cloth. There are no scratches. Because the nail remover contains a certain amount of acetone, it can dissolve the scratches, disperse small particles, and then erase them.


  1. Drop a drop of balm on the scratch on the printing PVC makeup Bag, and then wipe it back and forth with a clean soft cloth. It also has a good effect on the repair of the scratch.


  1. If the scratch on the printing PVC makeup Bag is not obvious or small, you can apply a little leather maintenance oil.
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