Distinguish the Difference between Clothing Packaging Paper and Other Paper

May 11,2022

Tissue paper is often sold as clothing packaging paper in the market. Why does this happen? There are four main reasons:


clothing packaging paper




  1. As a large number of fake clothing packaging paper impact the clothing packaging paper market, resulting in a significant decline in the price of clothing packaging paper. If the manufacturer produces real clothing packaging paper, the manufacturer will pay 3000-5000 yuan/ton, so many excellent enterprises dare not produce real clothing packaging paper.


  1. Although it is tissue paper, to obtain a good price, we use the name of clothing packaging paper to promote it to make a profit.


  1. As individual authorities interpret clothing packaging paper like tissue paper, it misleads manufacturers.


  1. When revising the national standard of garment packaging paper 1911, two important indexes, namely sizing degree and transparency, were omitted, which led to the misunderstanding of garment packaging paper standards by manufacturers. The paper variety of clothing packaging paper was born in Europe. Its original intention of producing clothing packaging paper was to produce a kind of transparent paper (because there was no intention of drying paper, tracing paper, and photography at that time, let alone a copier).


Then use this kind of paper to cover works of art, calligraphy, painting, drawings, etc. for copying, imitation, reproduction, and other purposes. Therefore, the transparency of clothing packaging paper directly affects the quality of copying, imitation, and reproduction. Therefore, the transparency of clothing packaging paper is an extremely important index, which has been omitted and brought great misleading to the paper industry.


At the same time, a large number of fake copy papers were drilled into loopholes, and inferior tissue paper was openly used as clothing packaging paper to impact the clothing packaging paper market without being hit by the quality supervision department, resulting in a sharp decline in the price of real clothing packaging paper. Many people know that clothing packaging paper is a kind of paper with high production difficulty. Many people fake the name of clothing packaging paper to sell tissue paper. They just want to come for the high price of clothing packaging paper to obtain high returns.


Clothing packaging paper is widely used


  1. Fruit packaging: packaging paper is an important paper in the northern fruit packaging materials. It was mainly used to package Sydney at the beginning, so it was named Sydney paper


  1. Clothing, footwear, leather goods, hardware packaging: in the southern market of China, packaging paper is mainly used for the packaging of clothing, footwear, leather goods, and other products.


  1. Packaging of porcelain, wine industry, and handicrafts: it has the functions of moisture-proof, ventilation, protection, and shaping.


  1. Packaging paper printing: packaging paper has a good printing effect. It can print monochrome, two-color, and four-color, enterprise logos, and trademarks, and can be dyed into red, blue, gold, silver, and other colors.


  1. Used for engraving in seal cutting art: due to the special nature of wrapping paper, the ink does not diffuse due to its thin thickness. Therefore, wrapping paper is often used to write printing manuscripts during seal cutting.
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