Do You Know about the Material Types of the Packaging Carton?

December 02,2022

The paper box belongs to the common packaging type in the packaging and printing of paper products. The materials used include corrugated paper, cardboard, gray base plate, white card, and special art paper. Some also use cardboard or multi-layer light embossed wood plates to combine with special paper to obtain a stronger supporting structure. There are also many products suitable for carton packaging, such as common drugs, food, cosmetics, tobacco, household appliances, hardware, glassware, ceramics, electronic products, etc. Today, let's talk about the material of the packaging carton.


paper box 5.jpg


Corrugated cardboard


It mainly consists of two parallel flat sheets the outer paper and the inner paper, with corrugated core paper processed by a corrugated roller sandwiched between them. Each paper sheet is bonded with corrugated paper coated with adhesive. Corrugated board is mainly used to make outer packing boxes to protect commodities in circulation. There is also a thin corrugated paper that can be used as the inner village of commodity paperboard packaging to reinforce and protect commodities. There are many kinds of corrugated paper, including single-sided, double-sided, double-layer, and multi-layer.


White cardboard


It is made of chemical pulp and high-grade pulp, including ordinary white paperboard, kraft pulp white paperboard, etc. There is also a kind of white cardboard made entirely of chemical pulp, also known as a high-grade whiteboard.


Yellow cardboard


It refers to the low-grade paperboard made from the pulp produced by the lime method with rice straw as the main raw material, which is mainly used as the box core pasted in the paper box for fixing.


Kraft cardboard


It is made of kraft pulp. One side-hanging kraft paper pulp is called a single-sided kraft paper board. The other side hanging kraft paper board is called a double-sided kraft paper board. The main function of corrugated paperboard is called a kraft liner board, which is much stronger than an ordinary liner board. In addition, it can be combined with water-resistant resin to make water-resistant kraft cardboard, which is mainly used for the collection packaging box of beverages.


Composite processing cardboard


It refers to cardboard made of composite aluminum foil, polyethylene, oilproof paper, wax, and other materials. It makes up for the shortcomings of ordinary paperboard, with a variety of new functions such as oil resistance, water resistance, and freshness preservation.