Five Elements of Gift Packaging Box Design

May 11,2022

The packing box is the "clothes" of each commodity. People rely on clothes, while beauty depends on beautiful clothes. Exquisite gifts also need to be packaged in each appropriate gift box. When people are shopping for gifts, the outer packing box of gifts is an important flashpoint that attracts many people.


Therefore, the design of the Round gift Packaging Box must be eye-catching and practical. The design and manufacture of the Round gift Packaging Box is a matter that needs to be polished with care. Today, let's briefly talk about the details that should be paid attention to in the design of the Round gift Packaging Box.


gift packaging box


Gift boxes should be protective


Any commodity should put safety first. In the packaging design and planning of exquisite gifts, we should think about the safety and practicability of storage, transportation, promotion, carrying, and transportation according to the characteristics of the packaged and designed gifts.


The packaging design of different gifts may need different packaging materials, which need to be determined according to the characteristics of packaging materials and gifts. In terms of safety protection, we should also pay attention to the moisture-proof, shockproof, pressure-proof, leakproof, and other problems of the Round gift Packaging Box, to ensure that the gift is intact under all circumstances.


Gift boxes should be humanized


In terms of humanization, it means that users are easy to understand when using. They can't use a lot of adhesive tape or wrapping paper for the sake of stable packaging. In this way, it takes half a day to open a packing box.


In the planning of the Round gift Packaging Box, we should pay attention to the reasonable box structure. We should use as many packaging boxes as the size of the product.


For example, we should not use packaging boxes that are much larger than the size of the product to show the great feeling of our products. Common Round gift Packaging Box structures mainly include handbag type, hanging type, open type, open window type, closed type, or a combination of various forms.


The gift box should have the function of promotion


No matter what product, its packaging box should have the element of "promotion", and so should gift products. Round gift Packaging Boxes should attract the attention of customers and arouse customers' desire to buy. As gift-giving is a more exquisite link, when giving a gift, gift-givers need to understand what the gift looks like, what it is for, and who the applicable crowd is.


Therefore, the design of the Round gift Packaging Box should fully show the appearance and function of the gifts. Visual packaging is a good choice.


Gift boxes should have the concept of environmental protection


With the continuous promotion of environmental protection policies, product packaging should preferably have the concept of environmental protection, so it is recommended to use those environmental protection materials for packaging. The use of environmental protection packaging in Round gift Packaging Boxes is easier to win the favor of customers, and it is also a small step to protect the environment.


The gift box has a sense of art


The artistic Round gift Packaging Box design is more aesthetic and more suitable for relatives and friends. Friends who receive gifts will also be happier.


In short, in the design of the Round gift Packaging Box, we should not only pay attention to the appearance but also pay attention to the content. The focus of packaging design is to take the gift as the breakthrough object, and then carry out deduction design. We should focus on highlighting the characteristics of the gift from the packaging design, and pass this characteristic to customers through the form of art.


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