Five Kinds of Raw Materials for EVA Zipper Bag

May 16,2022

EVA zipper bag is closely related to us in life, and we often use plastic bags when we go shopping outside. But many people know about these plastic bags and don't know what they are made of.


EVA zipper bag


Polyethylene (PE)


PE for short. It is a high molecular organic compound formed by the addition and polymerization of ethylene. Polyethylene is recognized as the best material for touching food in the world. Nontoxic, tasteless, and odorless, in line with the hygienic standard of food packaging. Polyethylene film, is light and transparent, with moisture-proof, oxygen resistance, acid and alkali resistance, general air tightness, excellent heat sealing, and other properties. It is an important material with a large amount of plastic packaging and printing.


Shrink film -- shortened film


Shrink film is a kind of thermoplastic film that is stretched and oriented in the production process and will be shortened by hot air treatment or infrared irradiation in the use process. After heat treatment, the film is tightly wrapped on the package, the shortening force reaches the Z value in the cooling stage, and can be stored for a long time.


BOPP -- biaxially oriented polypropylene film


EVA zipper manufacturer introduces biaxially stretched polypropylene film, also known as biaxially stretched polypropylene film, with the English abbreviation code of BOPP. It is characterized by stretching molecular orientation, mechanical strength, folding strength, airtightness, and moisture resistance better than ordinary plastic film. Compared with cellophane per unit area, the unit price is lower than cellophane. Because this kind of film has excellent transparency, and the reproduction color after printing is particularly bright and beautiful. It is an important base material for plastic composite flexible packaging.


PVC -- Polyvinyl chloride


Polyvinyl chloride, abbreviated as PVC, with a molecular formula of (ch2-ch2) n, is the first class of vinyl polymers and the second-largest plastic variety in the world after polyethylene.


HDPE -- high-density polyethylene


High-density polyethylene, HDPE for short. It is made of low-pressure polymerization, so it is also called low-pressure polyethylene. It is milky white with poor gloss. The film can be processed by blow molding and the T-die extrusion process. It is heat-resistant, cooking-resistant, cold-resistant, and freezing resistant. It has good moisture-proof, gas-proof, and barrier properties. It is not easy to be damaged. Its strength is twice that of LDPE and is very easy to open.


Characteristics of EVA material


  • Biodegradable: no harm to the environment when discarded or burned.


  • The price is similar to that of PVC: it is cheaper than that of PVC without phthalate.


  • Lightweight: the density of EVA ranges from 0.91 to 0.93, while that of PVC is 1.32.


  • Odor-free: EVA does not contain Organic odors such as ammonia or others.


  • No heavy metals: comply with relevant international toy regulations (EN-71 Part 3 and ASTM-F963).


  • Phthalate free: suitable for children's toys and no danger of plasticizer release.


  • High transparency, softness, and tenacity: a wide range of applications.


  • Super low-temperature resistance (- 70c): suitable for the freezing environment.


  • High heat adhesion: it can be firmly attached to nylon, polyester, canvas, and other fabrics.


  • Low bonding temperature: it can speed up the production speed. Keep stable.


  • Silkscreen printing and offset printing: it can be used for more fancy products (but EVA ink must be used).
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