Have You Noticed The Flower Wrapping Paper?

December 11,2021

Like all gifts, flowers also need to be packaged. Whether it is bought for yourself or given away, this sense of ceremony expresses the importance. Good packaging not only adds points to the bouquet but also protects it. Today, let's talk about the flower wrapping paper.


flower wrapping paper


Classification of common wrapping paper on the market


By material


From the perspective of raw materials, there are three common types: pulp, film, and non-woven fabrics. From a simple point, they can be understood as paper, plastic, and cloth.


  • Pulp


Pulp is the basic raw material of papermaking, which is processed by plant fiber. Most paper products on the market are made of pulp, which is also a major category in bouquet packaging paper.


Art paper: the natural paper texture is fine and feels good. There is no problem that ordinary paper is easy to rot, break, wrinkle and fade in case of water. It has a good sense of shaping.


Soft gummed paper: softer and thinner than art paper, and the texture of fiber is more delicate to touch.


Kraft paper: it is a light tan, with a sense of aging and retro, and its toughness is not easy to deform.


Wax paper: the surface is coated with wax, with good waterproof and moisture-proof performance.


Sydney paper: the layer of translucent paper wrapped around Sydney is thin, crisp, moisture-proof, and breathable. Sydney paper for wrapping flowers is generally used together with other wrapping paper for internal or external wrapping.


  • Film


Film wrapping paper is like plastic, generally waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about flowers getting wet when it rains. In addition to being transparent and shiny, there are also matte ones.


  • Non-woven


Non-woven fabric is a common material for environmental protection shopping bags. It is soft, light, and easy to set, and the flower wrapping is also very good in shape.


By color (pattern)


The flowers themselves are strong enough. The wrapping paper is generally simple and elegant. The utilization rate of solid color wrapping paper is the highest, especially light color, highlighting the color of the flowers themselves. For example, cool gray, girl powder, pure black... Some special patterns will be launched in different seasons according to the current fashion. For example, pineapple and flamingo in the tropical wind, and marble...


Matching of wrapping paper


The choice and collocation of wrapping paper depend on the style of bouquet, the number of flower materials, etc. For example, the popular Korean bouquet in recent years, a bouquet of flowers requires multiple pieces of wrapping paper, and different types of paper can be used.


Art paper, textured paper, and Sydney paper are used together


flower wrapping paper


The flowers have fresh colors and unique patterns. Circular paper and translucent film paper are selected to highlight the beauty of the flowers themselves.


flower wrapping paper


Single flower packaging pursues small and exquisite. A piece of an art paper with Sydney paper and a bow tie will create a sense of loveliness.


flower wrapping paper


The wrapping paper used for a bunch of flowers is often not single, and the primary and secondary relationship between papers should be arranged. For example, art paper, soft offset paper, kraft paper, and film paper are usually used as the main paper materials, while Sydney paper, wax paper, and cellophane are used as auxiliary paper materials for internal or external construction.


Of course, the matching of wrapping paper is only recommended, and there are no regulations. The choice of wrapping paper, how to use it, and how to match a bunch of flowers all depend on your personal preferences.


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