High Grade and Fashionable White Wrapping Tissue Paper Matching

May 11,2022

When you open a flower shop, you must buy all kinds of wrapping paper, but many people ignore the most fashionable, high-grade, and versatile white. In the colorful flower world, white wrapping tissue paper seems to match bouquets of any color.


The power of white wrapping tissue paper is hidden in the invisible. It can make your floral works full of soul! Today, let's make a good analysis.


white wrapping tissue paper


Classification of white wrapping tissue paper


There are many kinds of white wrapping tissue paper on the market. If the commonly used ones are divided according to the quality, they can be divided into the following two categories:


Soft class


Opp paper, cotton paper, Sydney paper, gauze, etc.


This type of paper can be folded and produce many curve changes when packaging the bouquet, making the bouquet more layered. Sydney paper and gauze are generally softer and thinner and are often mixed with other wrapping paper.


Micro hard class


White kraft paper, cardboard, special paper, etc.


This kind of wrapping paper can make the shape of the bouquet more three-dimensional. When making large bouquets works, the soft wrapping paper is easy to spread. This kind of slightly harder will make the bouquet packaging more beautiful.


White wrapping paper is too plain. What if some guests don't like it?


Of course, some people can accept this pure white, and some people will be tangled. How to solve it?


Mix and match method


Based on white, you can add the main color wrapping paper or characteristic wrapping paper of the flowers in the bouquet, or wrap it outside, or match it inside, or two colors or one color, or dark or light color. It's really easy to use. You can't think of it!


In the mix and match method, you can mix and match not only colors but also texture. Soft wrapping paper such as Sydney paper and mesh has a translucent texture and can also bring a hazy filter to the bouquet. The mix and match works of soft and hard paper will appear softer and more aesthetic.


What are the common white wrapping tissue papers?


There are many kinds of wrapping paper and many colors. White wrapping tissue paper has a wide range of applications. What are the common white wrapping tissue papers?


  1. Copy paper wrapping paper. There are 14g single copy and 17g double copy, which are mostly used to pack fruits and shoes.


  1. White cowhide wrapping paper. There are two kinds, imported and domestic, with different grams and weights. They are mostly used for food packaging.


  1. Coated wrapping paper. 100g-250g, white, roll, positive and generous, mostly used for film coating and various moisture-proof and waterproof packaging.


  1. Shipping mark paper and packing paper. It belongs to recycled paper, which is cheap but is also widely used. It is mostly used for the packaging of some small ironware with less strict protection.


  1. Butter wrapping paper. It is mostly used for the packaging of food and high-end products, and the price is expensive.
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