How Do Different Canadian Cities Celebrate National Day?

July 01,2022

Canada Day





In Calgary, there are celebrations almost everywhere. Prince's Island Park has aboriginal celebrations, which are very unique. If you are a foodie, go to Eau Claire Market. There are many delicious food there. Of course, don't forget to go to Riverfront Avenue, where the official celebration is held. There are many performances and interactive games in the venue; Chinatown is also very lively, let's experience a multicultural Canada Day in Calgary! Remember to watch the fireworks at Centre Street Bridge!




Montreal has also entered the city's carnival. If you bring children, it is recommended that you go to Old Port. There are free cakes, interactive games, and fireworks shows. If you want to participate in the festival parade, you can come to Ste. Catherine St. Here is the parade The starting point, I heard that the weather forecast said that there is rain in Montreal, remember to take rain precautions.




If you're in Winnipeg, don't miss Shaw Park, a day where happy Winnipegans spell out a beautiful Canadian flag, and Assiniboine Park Enjoy the festive heat while having a picnic with your kids.


Canada Day you didn't know


Here's one more thing, Canadians love beer so much on National Day, how much do they love it? It is said that B.C. drank 1.2 million liters of beer during the National Day long weekend in one year, and this number is only the amount sold by hotels during the three days.


For Quebecers, Canada Day is more like moving day, as July 1 is the traditional expiry date for lease contracts.


In many places, naturalization ceremonies will be held for immigrants on Canada Day. Before naturalization, you need to pass a test about Canada. The difficulty and passing line of the test questions have now increased! (However, it is not difficult for the scholars)


More than 80% of Canadians feel they live in the best country in the world.


The first bathtub rowing competition held in Vancouver was to celebrate Canada's 100th birthday.


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