How to Apply Vinyl Stickers?

August 19,2022

Vinyl stickers are fun things to decorate your windows, cars, laptops, and other sturdy surfaces. So how do you apply vinyl stickers?


vinyl sticker


Part 1: Pre-treating the surface


  1. Check that your desired sticker position is around 55°F (13°C). Use a room-specific thermometer to check the temperature of your car, windows, or other sticker surfaces. Ideally, the environment is not too hot or too cold, otherwise, the vinyl sticker may not stick properly. While your space doesn't have to be this exact temperature, try to keep it in a cool area. If your garage or home gets particularly cold or hot for an extended period, you may want to consider placing your stickers elsewhere.


  1. Wipe and dry the place where you want to put the sticker. Use a damp or water-soaked towel to remove any dust, wax, and debris from the surface of the car, windows, or other transparent areas. Try to make the area as smooth and clean as possible so no dust or grime will stick to your vinyl stickers later.


  1. Spray the surface with soapy water and adjust your sticker. Mix a pea-sized amount of mild soap into a spray bottle filled with warm water to create a moist water mixture. Once you've mixed the soap into the spray bottle, spray the solution on the desired sticker surface. You only need a very small amount of soap to moisten the water.


Part 2: Keeping stickers safe


  1. Peel off the adhesive on the sticker. Use your thumb and pointer to pry the back paper from the surface of the sticker. As you peel off the paper, pinch the vertical edge of the sticker with your other hand. Once the paper on the back is completely removed, hold the sticker with the thumb and pointed fingers of both hands. Avoid touching or holding the back of the vinyl sticker, as your fingerprints can make the sticker look smudged and sloppy.


  1. Pinch the vertical edge of the vinyl sticker as you lower it. Continue to hold the sticker firmly as you place it on a wet or dry surface. Try applying the center part of the sticker first, then pressing the outer edge of the vinyl sticker into place. Aim to do it in a smooth motion to prevent any bubbles from forming. 


  1. Use a spatula or credit card to press out any air bubbles. Take a flat, elastic object and press it evenly along the surface of the sticker. Move your spatula, credit card, or another tool continuously, applying even pressure as you go from edge to edge. Focus on areas with air bubbles so the sticker looks smooth.


  1. Heat the curved vinyl sticker with a hair dryer to make it stick. Don't be discouraged if your sticker doesn't stick properly to a curved edge or surface, like a car bumper. Turn your hair dryer or heat gun on low and run the device a few inches or centimeters above the surface of the sticker. Use your spatula, credit card, or another flat tool under increased heat to help the sticker stick properly to the curved edge. Don't use a high heat setting, you just want to stretch and expand the vinyl, not melt it.
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