How to Iron Patches?

August 04,2022

  1. Place the clothes on a flat, heat-resistant surface. The ironing board is very suitable, but if there is no ironing board, you can also find a solid table, put a double bath towel on it, and then iron the clothes on it.


To ensure that the surface of the clothes is suitable for patching, you should iron the clothes first. If it is a backpack or other items that are difficult to iron, try to flatten the patching position and keep it close to the hard surface.




  1. Put the patch in the selected position. The side with adhesive shall be pasted flat on the fabric as the base cloth. Make sure the patch is not bent.


If it is an embroidered patch, the adhesive is on the back.


If it is a transfer paper patch, the adhesive is on the side of the transfer pattern. Stick the patterned side down against the fabric. After ironing with an iron, the paper backing will fall off.


If you use a double-sided adhesive lining, you should stick it on the fabric as a backing.


If you use a patch that can be combined with the fabric, you may need to stick it on the back of the clothes. Follow the instructions on the package.


  1. Heat the iron. Adjust the iron to the highest temperature that the fabric can withstand. Make sure the "steam" option is turned off and there is no water in the iron.


  1. Put a thin towel on the patch. Be careful not to shift the patch. Towels can protect the patch itself and the fabric around it.


  1. Press the iron that has reached the set temperature on the patch. Keep the iron on it for about 15 seconds. Press down hard.


  1. Remove the iron and allow the patch to cool. Take away the towel and gently pull the edge of the patch with your fingers to see if it has cocked up, so you can judge whether it has been firmly pasted. If some places are cocky, change a towel and press with an iron for 10 seconds.


If the transfer paper patch is used, wait for it to cool completely (leave it for 10 minutes), and then carefully remove the backing.


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