How to Match Flowers with Wrapping Paper Perfectly?

May 11,2022

Now many people tend to make the packaging of the bouquet very bright, which will steal the spotlight of the bouquet. Therefore, in the color selection of flower wrapping paper, we should choose flower wrapping paper that can complement the flowers and materials, which is neither too abrupt nor too weakened.


flower wrapping paper


Matching of the same color and similar color


The biggest advantage of matching with the same color and similar department is that it can make the bouquet look more harmonious as a whole, and the flower materials and packaging complement each other and integrate into one.


Using flower wrapping paper with the same or similar color as the flower material can make the whole bouquet look very harmonious without a very abrupt feeling. The first feeling is: comfortable. In color matching, flower wrapping paper with slight color differences can be used based on the consistent overall tone, such as dark powder and light powder, orange and coffee, dark blue and light blue, etc.


Matching method: use dark flower wrapping paper for dark flowers, such as orange, red, coffee, etc., and light wrapping paper for light flowers, such as light blue, light pink, light purple, light gray, white, etc. The color of the flower wrapping paper should be lighter based on the overall color of the bouquet, and should not be darker than that of the bouquet, otherwise, it will destroy the beauty of the bouquet.


Contrast color matching


Matching with contrasting colors gives people a very jumping and active feeling. A good match can brighten people's eyes. The flower material forms a sharp contrast with the wrapping paper, which can make the bouquet more colorful.


There is a big jump between the color of flower wrapping paper and the overall color of flower materials, but the color matching mainly follows the principles of blue with yellow, red with green, black with white, black with red, coffee with white, etc.


Many novices are easy to make mistakes when using contrast colors. If they are not careful, they will destroy the overall beauty of the bouquet. For the sake of insurance, when choosing flower wrapping paper, it is best to choose a color with a relatively dark color and weak jumping. However, if the color of the flower material itself is dark, the flower wrapping paper will choose the color with a brighter color to form a contrast.


Universal color matching


Universal color refers to the color suitable for any color matching. Universal color is the color that will never make mistakes in flower bouquet matching. The universal colors commonly used in flower wrapping paper are: white, black, gray, khaki, green, etc.


Khaki is the most complex color among all colors, which can coordinate the color of the bouquet and make the whole look neither messy nor abrupt. Because the leaf material is green, green packaging paper can be selected. Black and white gray is a non-eye-catching color, and the combination of black and white gray will not be too eye-catching, which makes people ignore the beauty of the bouquet.


Two-color matching


The two-color collocation will not make the bouquet look too fancy, but also highlight the sense of hierarchy and make the whole bouquet look more advanced and textured.


Two-color matching selects two kinds of flower wrapping paper similar to the color of flower materials, or two different colors of packaging paper in sharp contrast with flower materials. Compared with the traditional single packaging method, two-color packaging can add a lot of color to the bouquet, which is a very popular bouquet packaging color matching method in recent years.


Remember, the color of the flower wrapping paper should match the whole bouquet, and there should be no more than two, otherwise, it will appear messy.


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