How to Measure Gift Tissue Wrapping Paper?

May 11,2022

If you want to wrap a gift and are not sure how much wrapping paper to use, there are some simple ways to help you make a decision. No matter what shape the gift is, there are some simple ways to measure the paper to make sure it covers the whole gift. With a little wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and a few minutes, your gift will be packed immediately.


Gift Tissue Wrapping Paper




  1. Lay the Gift Tissue packaging paper on a flat surface. Select the Gift Tissue packaging paper you want to use to wrap the gift, and then place it on a clean, flat surface, such as a desktop. Roll up the wrapping paper so that it covers most of the plane.


  1. Place the box on the edge of the Gift Tissue packaging paper. Place the gift on the cut end of the wrapping paper with the largest side down. Align the gift along the side of the wrapping paper to help you measure.


  1. Roll the box in a straight line three times to measure the required paper sheet. Start from the cut end of the Gift Tissue packaging paper and rotate it three times in the direction of winding the paper. When flipping, the drawer rolls on one side, on the back, and the other side.


  1. Add inches to the length of the paper and cut it. Place a ruler next to the side of the drawer near the roll of Gift Tissue packaging paper. This is the place where the drawer can land after three rolls. For this purpose, add length to ensure that the wrapping paper is long enough to cover the whole gift and save space. Select the paper and cut it into straight lines with scissors.


  • If necessary, you can mark the place to be cut with a pencil.


  • For larger boxes, if the lid is too short to fit, use the second roll of Gift Tissue packaging paper.


  1. Pull the paper up at the end of the box to see if the paper covers each side 3/4。  Now that the length and width of the paper have been measured, pull the last two edges of the Gift Tissue packaging paper to both ends of the box. If both ends can cover three-quarters of the side of the box, that's good! Otherwise, cut the paper with scissors until the length is appropriate.


  1. Tape the Gift Tissue packaging paper onto the drawer. Now that the wrapping paper has been measured and cut to fit the box, it's time to stick it with tape. Tighten the length of the Gift Tissue packaging paper, make it tight, cover the packing box, and then bind it in place. Fold both ends of the gift, fold the wrapping paper flat and stick it with adhesive tape.
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