How to Package Gifts with Strange Shapes?

May 11,2022

In the previous blog, we talked about how to measure gift wrapping paper. Next, we continue to talk about how to measure gift wrapping paper if we need to package gifts with strange shapes.


gift wrapping paper


Things to prepare


  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Pen or pencil (optional)
  • Scissor type
  • Adhesive tape
  • Ribbon or bow (optional)




  1. Push out the gift wrapping paper and put the item in the middle. Choose the gift wrapping paper you want to use to wrap the gift and lay it on a clean, flat surface. Place the strangely shaped gift in the center of the roll of paper.


  • You can have gifts of strange shapes, such as toy castles or football.


  • Circular or cylindrical objects are also considered gifts of strange shapes.


  1. Fold the end of the gift wrapping paper onto the gift and cut it open. Remove the loose end of the wrapping paper and pull it onto your item so that it completely covers it. When the end of the gift wrapping paper touches the paper on the other side of the article, use a ruler to increase the length by about (or just estimate!), Then cut the paper in a straight line.


  • The extra length will help you tape the gift wrapping paper together and ensure that the wrapping paper is large enough to fit your gift.


  • After completing the measurement, take out the gift from the center of the gift wrapping paper.


  1. Pull the two cutting faces together and place the tape along its entire length. After cutting the paper, the two loose edges are in the middle. Overlap them slightly to enhance grip and tape along the edges to hold the ends together.


  • If you do not want the tape to be visible, use double-sided tape.


  • Secure both ends together with at least three pieces of tape - one at each end and one in the middle.


  1. Fold up the lower loose end and straighten it. Pick up at least the lower end of the gift wrapping paper. If the object to be packed is very short, pull the edge higher. Fold the horizontal polyline so that it is on a straight line.


  1. Open the fold and form two triangular tabs, then fold them. Press down on both sides of the crease you just formed to create two triangles. Also, boast about triangles to make them beautiful and flat. When you're done, you should have a diamond or square shape.


  1. Fold the tip of the triangle towards the middle and stick it with adhesive tape. Pull the tips of the upper and lower triangles inward and create a new fold. Use several strips of tape to fix the tip of the triangle in place and form the bottom of the gift wrapping paper.


  • Pull the tips of the triangle inward until they touch each other before tapping.


  1. Put the gift into the bag you created and fold it close. Slide your hand into the open end of the bag to open it. Put your gift inside and at the bottom of the bag. Fold the bag to form a new fold and seal the gift inside.


  • If necessary, add tape to the top fold to hold it in place.
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