Introduction to 9 Kinds of Commonly Used Flower Wrapping Paper

May 11,2022

In a beautiful bouquet, in addition to the matching of flower materials themselves, a very important part is the matching of flower wrapping paper. Packaging paper plays a role in protecting flowers, setting off, and highlighting style. The style and effect of the same bunch of flowers with different flower wrapping paper are quite different.


flower wrapping paper


According to the material, purpose, color, and style, there are 9 kinds of commonly used flower wrapping paper:


Cellophane (waterproof material)


Almost all bouquets need cellophane. One of its main functions is to be used as the waterproof layer (water storage layer) of the bouquet. When it is used to wrap the bottom of the bouquet, a small amount of water can be injected to keep the bouquet fresh.


In addition, as flower wrapping paper, the transparency of cellophane (fully transparent or patterned) can fully expose the bouquet without being covered. Generally, it will also be used with other wrapping paper.


Sydney paper


Sydney paper is thin, white, and translucent, which is easy to knead into a ball to create a fluffy feeling. It is generally used as the "lining" of the bouquet and then matched with other colored flower wrapping paper. Adding "lining" to the bouquet adds the sense of nobility and purity of the bouquet, like a delicate girl.


It is especially suitable for matching hemp slices. The delicate and soft inner and "rough" hemp slices complement each other.


The next three kinds of paper (fog paper, Korean plain paper, and Ouya paper) are similar. They are all waterproof materials, and the difference lies in transparency and color:


Fog paper (waterproof material - translucent)


The fog paper is waterproof and not easy to damage like cellophane. It is translucent, and the surface is covered with hazy fog, hazy and soft.


Korean plain paper (waterproof material - slightly transparent)


Compared with fog paper, it has lower transparency, smooth on both sides, and also has a variety of colors to choose from.


Ouya paper (waterproof material - impermeable)


Ouya paper is opaque and has a bright luster on both sides. Due to the opacity, Ouya paper has two-color or monochrome options, and the color matching of two-color Ouya paper is more rich and layered.


Kraft paper


Kraft paper packaging is very suitable for matching the flower bouquet of pastoral style and literary style, creating an elegant and retro feeling.


Cowhide newspaper


Compared with kraft paper, kraft newspaper has a unique sense of nostalgia. Printed with words, it looks like an old newspaper. It is also suitable for matching bouquets with a literary and retro feeling.


Hemp slice


The hemp sheet has a "rough" appearance. The porous fiber structure can add a unique texture to the flower packaging. It is usually used outside the bouquet packaging, with Sydney paper or kraft paper as the lining.




With sparse density and thin texture, the mesh is suitable for both lining and outer packaging, giving people a mysterious, ethereal, and dreamy feeling.


The above are 9 kinds of commonly used flower wrapping paper, which can be used together. Give full play to your creativity. The combination of different materials and colors may create a unique bouquet packaging style.


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