MC Sticker OF Material

December 18,2021

MC Sticker 2
Hi guys, I’m your old friend MC Chris. I haven’t seen you for a week. Do you miss me? Hahaha.
Don't talk nonsense
Today I brought you a product that we knew about before-stickers. Do you still have any impressions?

I should have forgotten about it, it doesn't matter, let me briefly remind you of it.
Stickers, which belong to the adhesive-backed adhesive paper, are various pictures and photos printed on the adhesive-backed paper. They are common stickers on the market. They are also a fashion product loved by popular teenagers and young people. They can be pasted on stationery. , Cups and bowls, furniture, electrical appliances, metalware, porcelain, motor vehicles or non-motor vehicles, mobile phones, notebooks, game consoles, advertising trademarks, industrial indicators and other multi-element series products.

The scope of application is very wide, and it is also a major product of the printing industry. It is also printed with various cartoon characters and other patterns. It can be pasted arbitrarily, most of which are disposable. There are more varieties.
Last time we learned about coated paper material and transparent material
Today we will take a look at the materials of kraft paper, PVC, gold-plated paper and silver-plated paper.

Kraft paper material: not waterproof, retro feel

PVC material: bright colors, never fade, there are various PVC styles, so that the product looks more high-end.

Gold-plated paper and silver-plated paper material. It has a special metallic texture and is highly reflective