MC hang tag 2

December 06,2021

Hi guys, I'm your old friend MC Chris, the new week has started again, time flies

We learned about leather labels last week, so today we will learn about clothing tags

When it comes to clothing tags, we are no strangers. In our daily life, we can often come into contact with clothing tags, which are more common for us. Clothing tags are commonly used in clothing, shoes and hats, product introductions, etc. So how much do we know about clothing tags?

Hang tags are distinguished by material, including coated paper, kraft paper, black cardboard, white cardboard, special paper, cotton, leather.

Before we learned about the coated paper material and kraft paper material of the tag, then today we will take a look at the black cardboard, white cardboard and special paper material of the tag.

Black cardboard: solid and durable, the color is black, because the black cardboard itself is black, its biggest disadvantage is that it can not print colors, but can be used for hot stamping, hot silver and other processes.

White cardboard: solid, relatively durable, good smoothness, and the printed color is very rich and full.
Specialty paper: solid, more durable, with lines on the surface, and more special.