MC high-quality paper bag introduction

November 26,2021

Hi, everyone, meet again, I’m your old friend MC Chris, today I’m here again to introduce you some little knowledge about paper bags, paper bags are very convenient and easy to use, we can use them everywhere, every time we go to the mall , You will also see many people holding paper bags and putting things in them. They look very atmospheric and elegant. Paper bags are very useful in our lives. Whether it is shopping or gift giving, they will use paper bags, because paper bags not only reflect our sincerity, but also reflect our importance. Especially for companies, they can promote their brand and bring unexpected publicity effects to the company.

Today we will explain the common materials of paper bags
Paper bag materials can be divided into: white cardboard paper bags, white board paper bags, bond paper bags, kraft paper bags, and a small amount of special paper.
Last time we talked about kraft paper and coated paper, today we will learn about white cardboard bags and  Black cardboard.

The most common paper is white cardboard. Because of its strong texture, the thickness of 210 grams is generally enough to carry 3~5 kilograms. Of course, if it is heavier leather or other items, the weight bearing effect of 250 grams of white card will be better. , And the printing effect is good, the price is moderate, and it is generally the choice for medium and high-end products.

Black cardboard: it is a kind of special paper with black on both sides. Black cardboard is characterized by fine paper quality, transparent black, firm and thick, good folding endurance, smooth and smooth surface, good stiffness, good tensile force, and high burst resistance. Commonly used black cardboard with a thickness of 120 g-350 g. Because black cardboard is black inside and outside, it can't print colorful patterns, it's only suitable for bronzing, silver and other processes. The bags made are also very beautiful.