MC paper box / Carton

November 27,2021


Hi guys, I am your old friend, MC Chris
Last time we learned about the basic styles of paper bags, paper bag materials and other basic knowledge, then when it comes to paper bags, why are there fewer cartons? Today we will take a look at the style of the paper box.

We may often see paper bags, and we may even have several paper bags in our own homes, because paper bags are very versatile, but paper boxes are not necessarily so, because paper boxes are not so widely used, generally buy high-end products or gifts Only use the paper box, because the paper box shows high-end atmosphere, very high-quality and beautiful. But if there are cartons, there are usually paper bags, and the two can complement each other.

The paper box, high-end, atmospheric, for the company, can show sincerity, promote brand value, very beautiful. There are many styles of cartons, let's take a look together below.