MC sticker introduction

November 30,2021


Hi guys, I’m MC Chris, so glad to see you again.
I believe you can often see a sticker on a lot of things in your life. Yes, today we will learn about the basics of stickers.
When it comes to stickers, everyone is familiar with them. There are all kinds of posts, all kinds of strange, but how much do we know about stickers?

Stickers, a type of adhesive-backed adhesive paper, are various pictures and photos printed on the adhesive-backed paper. It is a common sticker on the market and a fashionable product loved by popular teenagers and young people. It can be pasted on stationery. , Cups and bowls, furniture, electrical appliances, metalware, porcelain, motor vehicles or non-motor vehicles, mobile phones, notebooks, game consoles, advertising trademarks, industrial indicators and other multi-element series of products.
The application range is very wide, and it is also a major product of the printing industry. It is also printed with various cartoon characters and other patterns. It can be pasted arbitrarily, most of which are disposable. There are more varieties.

Stickers can be divided into many types according to different standards. Today we will distinguish stickers according to their materials.
The materials of the stickers are: coated paper, transparent PVC, laser paper, temperature-resistant paper, PP, PC, kraft paper, fluorescent paper, thermal paper, gold-plated paper, silver-plated paper, synthetic paper, textured paper, etc.

Coated paper material
Features: smooth and delicate surface, smooth printing color, high color reproduction of color printing
Advantages: cheap, widely used and commonly used labels
Disadvantages: not waterproof, not oil-proof, easy to tear, it will be better after the film

Transparent material
Advantages: high temperature resistance, waterproof, oil-proof, chemical-proof corrosion, strong scratch resistance
Disadvantages: dark surface, color superimposition, there may be chromatic aberration