MC zipper bag for clothing, cosmetic, makeup.

December 23,2021

Hi everyone, I am your good friend MC member Chris. I am very happy to meet you. Christmas is coming soon. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and have fun.

Today I will take you to learn about one of our most popular products, zipper bags.Speaking of zipper bags, it’s no stranger. We all have some simple understanding before. In fact, zipper bags are also very common among us. For example, when we usually shop online, we pack clothes in zipper bags, which are very practical and convenient. , Most of the cosmetic bags and wash bags we usually use are zipper bags, so the use of zipper bags is very wide. Let us take a closer look today and re-understand zipper bags.

There are actually many kinds of zipper bags, there are mainly 5 kinds, pe zipper bags, pvc zipper bags, pvc magic color zipper bags, tpu zipper bags, eva zipper bags, they are also very versatile, different, and can be used in a variety of ways. The place.

First of all, the first type is pe zipper bag.
PVC zipper bag
PVC holographic Zipper Bag
TPU zipper bag
EVA zipper bag