Makeup Bag Storage Skills

May 16,2022

Everyone knows to buy their makeup bag zipper, but do you know the storage skills of the cosmetic bag?


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Storage skills of makeup bag zipper


  • Put powder blusher, brush, and lipstick in your bag pocket


Don't you think it's a little stressful to find something from your makeup bag zipper? If things are always put in the same place, it can prevent the situation of missing things, and the cosmetic bag can be clean and tidy. A good habit will save you a lot of time. At the same time, the makeup bag can keep clean and refreshing!


  • Use a bag made of cushioning material to protect make-up products


There should be a lot of girls who have the experience of breaking powder because their makeup bag fell to the ground. At this time, you should choose a bag with cushioning material to protect powder cosmetics that are easy to break. Careful girls will also pay attention to avoid the impact of cosmetic bags as far as possible. To protect these babies in their hearts, they have to take it easy.


  • Use a cosmetic bag with a large opening to shorten the makeup time


Especially in the morning when you are busy and don't have enough time for makeup, it is highly recommended to find the large opening of the required make-up immediately and the style with a clear internal view. In addition, the inside is a color style, which makes it easier to find the tools to use than the black system.


  • Keep only 30% of the most useful cosmetic bags


A survey hit the door of life and said that about 70% of our clothes are idle in our wardrobe, but women still feel naked. Our cosmetic bags are the same. Once a bag the size of two palms was enough, but now it occupies half of the 20-inch chassis. It seems that it is not enough, but it is crazy every time you want to store it. But as long as you cross your heart and clean up, the pleasure of slimming your makeup bag zipper is more enjoyable than "can't put it down".


  • Choose a waterproof processing style that is not easy to get dirty


Although the natural wind cosmetic bag with natural fiber is cute, this kind of makeup bag zipper is not durable and difficult to keep clean. The cosmetic bag is still recommended to choose the synthetic fiber or PVC coated style that can be easily cleaned when it is dirty and has durability. In addition, there are many opportunities to replenish makeup on the washstand. Therefore, when purchasing makeup bags made of dirt-resistant functional fabrics, it is also necessary to confirm whether waterproof processing is added.


Tips for purchasing makeup bag zipper


  1. Lightweight material


The weight of the material must also be considered. The lighter the material, the less the burden of carrying. The makeup bag zipper made of cloth and plastic cloth is the most lightweight and convenient. In addition, it is best to choose wear-resistant and operation-resistant materials for the outer skin, and do not have too much decoration, so that they can be used for a long time.


  1. Design of multi interlayer


Because the items placed in the cosmetic bag are very fragmented and there are many small things to put, it is easier to put things in different categories with layered designs. At present, the more and more intimate makeup bag design even separates special areas such as lipstick, powder puff, and pen tools. So many separated storages can not only clearly understand the placement of things at a glance but also protect them from being injured by a collision with each other.


  1. Choose your style


At this time, you should first check the types of things you are used to carrying. If most of the items are pens like items and flat makeup plates, then the wide, flat, and multi-layered styles are quite suitable; If the bottles and cans are mainly sub packed, the makeup bag zipper with a wide side should be selected in shape, so that the bottles and cans can stand at attention and the liquid inside is not easy to leak out.


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