Material Selection Of Clothing Hang Tag

June 09,2021

Whether it is your online clothing purchase or physical store purchase, the clothing has a tag. Once the tag is cut off, the clothes cannot be returned or exchanged. Of course, if your hang tags are well-made, this will add points to your clothing sales.


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Material Selection Of Clothing Hang Tag


Most of the clothing hang tag customization uses paper materials


Coated paper


The paper is very smooth and smooth, with high smoothness, good gloss, and economical and affordable, so it is commonly used in the production of clothes tags.


White cardboard


The white cardboard is delicate in quality, artistic, and white in color, suitable for literary fan and ethnic style hangtags.


Black cardboard


Strong and thick paper, fine, penetrating black, suitable for bronzing and UV technology.


Kraft paper


There are also many types of kraft paper, most of which are tan, suitable for denim and retro products.


a professional hang tag factory


Determined the material of the custom clothing tag, how to make it look nicer?


At present, the more popular crafts for tag are: UV, bronzing and silver, bumps and so on.




Make the printed paper shiny and effectively protect the surface of the paper. After the paper is printed, it is a process for treating the surface of the paper.




This kind of tag is very common and fashionable. Specifically, the scientific name of hot stamping is anodized aluminum hot stamping, which is a special printing process. This kind of printing does not use ink. With certain pressure and temperature, the template installed on the hot stamping machine is used to make the paper and hot stamping foil squeeze each other in a short time to transfer the graphics and text on the hot stamping template to the surface of the paper.




This process originated in my country. It does not use ink just like bronzing and silver tagging. It also uses pressure to press concave and convex images and patterns on the printed paper.


Tag manufacturing is the same as making clothes. The choice of paper industry is very important, and the standard cannot be deviated. If it is to be used as a hang tag for jeans, and of course, if you want to use cow card paper, you can choose to use imported cow card paper of more than 300 grams, especially the American cow card. Made of wood pulp, the wood pulp grain is clear, and the color looks ancient and clumsy, which can match the color of the jeans.


Customized clothing hang tags can increase the consumer's impression and at the same time enhance the brand image. If it is made exquisitely, it will even be collected. So for your own brand promotion, you deserve to have exquisite hang tags. If you need a professional hang tag factory, click here you can get the pretty solution from our expert.