Precautions and Tips for Use of Zipper Bag

May 16,2022

You must have seen or used zipper bags, but there are still some problems to pay attention to when using zipper bags. This blog will tell you some problems that should be paid attention to when using PE zipper bags.


zipper bag


Precautions of using PE zipper bag


  1. Be sure to pay attention to the zipper bag before and after pumping, so as not to be scratched by sharp objects. In practice, lie in bed or on a clean table. If there are hard blocks such as buttons and zippers, please put them in the storage bag. When stored in a wooden cabinet or other location, pay attention to whether there are sharp objects in the storage address to ensure that the packaging bag is intact.


  1. Clothes, trousers, mattresses, and other items should be put into the PE zipper bag as far as possible, at least 3-5cm away from the sealed zipper, without forced amplification.


  1. Make sure the zipper part of the PE zipper bag is clean. If there is chemical fiber and dust, the sealing performance will be reduced. It is recommended to scrub with a water-touching abrasive cloth, and then close the zipper. When the zipper is closed, hold the rotor tightly and pull the sealing ring back and forth several times to ensure that the two ribs of the sealing are fastened and the sealing effect is ensured.


  1. When using the pump, rotate the screw joint of the pump to the lower end, and use a milky vulcanized rubber pad to resist the vacuum port to ensure that the joint will not leak. Usually, a small bag needs to be smoked for 3-5 minutes and about 3500 times to be flat. Pay attention to uninterrupted oil and gas when using the air extraction pump. It is suitable to have a vacuum cleaner at home, which is easy to worry about and convenient.


  1. After pumping, please check the seal again to ensure the seal.


Tips for using PE zipper bag


Although the zipper bag is just to maintain the integrity of clothing quantity and quality at the beginning, with the development of society, clothing packaging directly affects the value and sales of products. It is not only an indispensable part of the clothing industry but also an indispensable part of our life.


Storage at the home level: good sealing, and easy storage of goods.


For travel: store clothes separately to save storage space, and collect clothes separately to prevent cross-infection.


Packaging items are not messy: there is no longer anything to do with scattered items.


Office supplies moisture-proof: effective moisture-proof, insect-proof, and protection of office supplies. Sealing design to prevent leakage: the bag with strong toughness and soft texture has a thick zipper and smooth closing, which can be closed repeatedly without opening.


Exhaust hole design: the PE zipper bag usually has exhaust holes to squeeze gas, keep things from blowing, remove peculiar smells, and print on the back. A good sense of hierarchy is flickering.


Matte hazy, translucent matte design: it not only protects privacy but also facilitates search, identification, and strong texture level. Nontoxic, harmless, odorless, safe, and reliable, bid farewell to the headache caused by secondary recycled materials, pungent smell, nausea, and cancer caused by waste plastics.


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