Secret of Packaging Box Manufacturing Process

May 11,2022

Each product has its product packaging box. The production of the packaging box is complicated work. Some laymen may feel that if they tell you the sketch, specification, and material, you will print it out in batch immediately. It's not that simple. A standard gift box needs to be made through multiple technological processes. Today, let's take a look at the process of making a packing box?


packaging box


Customer demand communication


If the customer already has samples, the printer manufacturer can print directly according to the samples. The content of communication generally includes the application industry, materials, box type, quantity, and so on. If customers do not have samples, they should design first. Generally, the printing factory will have a design department. Customers can inform the design department of their ideas, and then wait for samples. If the samples are qualified, they can start printing.


Sign a contract


It refers to the provisions of the customer's box printing factory on some matters of the printing project, such as the confirmation of the style, material, size, design, quantity, and production cycle of this packaging box, and the provisions of illegal provisions.


Packing box making sample confirmation


The designer shall redesign according to the contract contents and the references provided by the customer. Generally, the product scheme shall be made within 3-5 days, and both parties shall communicate the scheme again to adjust the details. After confirming the design scheme, samples are generally produced within 1-3 days, and the customer confirms that the design and production meet the requirements. If the intermediate customer needs adjustment and the special engineer adds some special processes, the delivery date at this time can be appropriately postponed.


volume production


Once the sample is confirmed, mass printing can be started and needs to be completed before the specified delivery date. In the process of mass production, the staff should also check the quality of the goods at all times, and stop the loss in time in case of deviation or problems.


Working process of printing machine: plate making - > paper selection (colored paper and gray paper) - > printing process (pay attention to color difference, ink-dot and other issues) - > surface treatment of colored paper (only required for general gift box) - > beer (the key is to make knife mold) - > paper mounting - > punching and buckle (if necessary).


Inspection and receipt


After the printing is completed by the printing factory, the customer can confirm the goods, check the quality and quantity of the packaging box, and sign to pick up the goods if there is no problem in the inspection.


The above is the production process of packaging boxes, which is the process that customers and printing plants need to follow together.


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