What are the Common Methods of Paper Box Packaging Design?

May 11,2022

All kinds of packaging paper boxes can be seen everywhere in life. Packaging paper boxes are not only for practical use but also for viewing and attracting consumers to achieve the purpose of selling enterprise products. Exquisite packaging paper boxes are more favored by people. The popularity of packaging paper boxes also makes people pickier about the design of paper box packaging.


How to design paper box packaging? Now let's have an in-depth understanding of the four common methods of packaging paper box design and their advantages and disadvantages.


paper box


Use sheet corrugated board and printing paper to make paper boxes


Single-sided corrugated board (single sheet), offset color printing paper (single sheet) → laminating synthetic board → die-cutting, and slotting → bonding nail box


Advantages and disadvantages: paper boxes with beautiful patterns can be made. Cartons can ensure good quality and better texture. Users prefer them. However, the disadvantage of this method is the high cost and long cycle. Moreover, it needs a large production site for production, the number of printed patterns is not large, and the delivery time is not stable and flexible enough.


Use the corrugated board with high flexible glue to directly print patterns on it to make paper boxes


Corrugated board production → paperboard direct printing (flexo) → die-cutting and slotting → adhesive nail box


Advantages and disadvantages: the ink of this kind of carton dries quickly, the pattern is formed quickly, and the printing can save time, so the production cost is relatively low. However, the printed pattern is not accurate and beautiful enough. It is printed directly on paperboard, and the quality will be poor.


Use micro corrugated paper, use offset printing technology to obtain beautiful patterns, and then use cardboard to make paper boxes


Production of micro corrugated board → direct offset printing of micro corrugated board → die-cutting and slotting → adhesive nail box


Advantages and disadvantages: the micro corrugated board itself is relatively light, so the products produced by it are relatively light. Although it is light, it still has high strength and good quality. The pattern printed in this way is more exquisite, suitable for making high-grade paper boxes, and the production cycle is short.


Through the pre-printing of the pattern, and then combined with corrugated board, the paper box is made.


Cylinder paper pre-printed face paper (gravure printing and flexo printing), corrugated composite bonding produced by the production line → computer longitudinal cutting → computer transverse cutting → die-cutting and slotting → bonding nail box


Advantages and disadvantages: pre-packaging printing usually has exquisite pattern design and is not easy to harm the compressive strength of the corrugated board, so it meets the requirements of high and medium-grade paper boxes. This method can be suitable for producing medium and high-grade paper boxes with high appearance and quality.


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